Hi, my Name is Dirk!

I am the Author and Admin of this Website Project and want to  welcome you on AquariumLove.com.
Living in Duisburg, Germany english is not my native Language and I am hoping you will be kindly overlooking some of the Mistakes that could be caused by this Fact.
In my Appartment there are several Aquariums, for example the big Tank for life bearing fish like Mollies, Platies and Guppies. But I also love Corydora Catfish very much and have two Tanks just for them. One 120 Liter for the adults and smaller one, where I put the fry when they successfully emerged out of their eggs and are ready to look for food on their own.

That being said, it is Time to mention the Intent of this Website:
Closing the Gap between Tips and How-To Kind of Content of aquaristic Blogs which can sometimes appear confusing to a Beginner on one Side and the on the other Side the seemingly boring and sterile Lists of Numbers and only commercial Stuff being found on Shopping Sites.

So I am hoping you will have a lot of fun and also get insights through this Website.

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