Aquarium Starter Kits

This category includes aquarium sets, which provide a thorough introduction into the world of fresh water aquariums ,but can also be interesting for advanced users who want a second tank for letting young fish grow without stress etc.
Particularly the aquariums with a volume of around 10 gallons already allow the keeping and care of smaller species of fish and plants, which is the most common wish when buying a first aquarium.
If one would get smaller in size, there would be only shrimps or one single betta fish left over to live inside the tank, just because every species needs its own space to comfortably live within.
For example red neons, who like to move in a big swarm and are very suitable for an Amazon themed tank (also suitable for beginners, but they require more space than could be provided with a 10 oer even 5 gallon tank).
So notice that the principle here is that less is more: rather few species of fish or even just one kind works best in aquariums of this size.

“Aquarium Starter Kit” is not, of course, a generally defined term, but a category I would think is very suitable for beginners.
The Sets offered in different Place contain more or less everything that is needed to start one first aquaristic experience.
But please take a closer look on what is really included in the package you want to buy in order to have everything in front of you and ready when you start out, e.g. one manufacturer includes a fish net and thermometer and the other one does not etc.

Regarding the so-called “Aquarium Starter Kits” with a volume of around 10 gallons one has to make clear that the limitation to this amount of water would be way too small in order to feel comfortable for many fish and that aquarium sets of this size are technically usually not best but quite good equipped, so one gets what was paid for.
If you keep these two things in mind and choose one of my suggested Sets below, chances are good that you make a good first experience and start the aquaristic hobby like me and so many other did before.

a quick recommendation

(based on my experience through the years of fishkeeping and considering simplicity and economy for a beginner)

  • There are no big differences in build quality or functionality to be found between the aquarium models I suggest in this category.
  • They all come more or less as complete Set and are working well.
  • A recommendation in financial regards would be the Tetra Half Moon, it doesn´t cost a lot of money and furthermore Tetra is a reliable Brand being seen on the aquaristic sector nearly since “ever”. But you have to likeits shape which differs from the classic one.


  • Includes everything you need
  • Strong Filter
  • Frustration-Free Packaging available
  • Bright LED Lighting
  • very quiet


  • Small opening for feeding the Fish
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  • Filter working very well
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Net, Water Conditioner, Fish Food…
  • Quiet
  • Nice Light for live Plants


  • Hood  could be better
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  • Uniquely shaped aquarium
  • frameless top edge for unobstructed views
  • Whisper filtration keeps water crystal clear
  • cartridge based filtration
  • Includes a 50-watt heater and clear lid


  • top part not made of glass
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