Purchasing Fish For A Freshwater Aquarium

Purchasing Fish For Your Freshwater Aquarium

1.) As a home aquarium owner wanting to purchase freshwater fish, there are a few things you
must remember; of this, the most important is that you know which kind of fish you want to keep
and the other species that can stay together with them. The size of the aquarium determines
how many fish you can keep comfortably in it – go by the simple thumb rule of each fish
requiring at least 3 inches in each gallon of tank water so they can discover and grow naturally.
Freshwater aquarium fish only grow as big as the space granted them, so you know that the
more space you give them in tank water, the longer their lifespan will be!

2) Know your fish species: especially for the freshwater aquarium set up you have, in order to
determine which are the types that can live in captivity, along side other varieties and the kind of
tending they require in order to grow and breed. Also take the time to find out the kind of tank
environment will suit the kind of freshwater fish you are keen to buy, the kind of temperature
preferable to them and the food they will be eating as apart from compatibility, these factors also
influence the health of your tank inmates.

3) When buying fish for your non-marine aquarium, keep in mind any advantages you can give
the tank fish you purchase in terms of investing in fish that consume algae so the build-up does
not affect the maintenance of the tank and makes less work for you.

4) Last, but not least, when considering buying fish for your freshwater tank, it is important to
know which are the species to avoid buying that can be unfriendly – to say the least – after all,
you do not want the fish in your home aquarium to live in an environment of disharmony, do
you? So, learn as much as you can about which kind are territorial e.g. Catfish that can also
grow big in a short time and eat into the space required by others in the tank. Also avoid buying
the dangerous or poisonous kinds of fish harmful to keep in a freshwater aquarium, such as
Piranhas since these can disease easily and also intimidate the other fish in the tank, which is
an expense you want to avoid if you want to keep your fish happy, healthy and for a long time.

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