Removing Algae From An Aquarium

Removing Algae From An Aquarium

1. After you have set-up your fish aquarium and enjoyed watching the fish in it swim about
under soft or bright lighting, there is the unavoidable possibility of also dealing with scuff and
algae build-up, which are natural possibilities to keeping water in an enclosed area where
marine residents live and various bodily secretions take place besides plant life exists. This
algae may develop through different places in the aquarium and it’s not your fault – please
understand that this build-up is a result of natural conditions of the tank and at times, it grows
because of the strength of the light in the tank as well as the nutrients existing in the aquarium
that promote its growth.

2. You need to understand the nature of algae and the various kinds that exist to ascertain the
type growing in your fish tank; learn about what makes it grow, what can kill it and ways to
remove it with the use of chemicals if it develops in the fish tank. This knowledge will help you
stay atop any algae build-up that you can control, if not prevent entirely, since algae growing in
the aquarium is a natural process.

3. Once you know of the nutrients that are promoting algae build-up, you can work to minimize
or eliminate their levels so the algae do not find circumstances to thrive in; to prevent other
slime from accumulating and spoiling the healthy living environment of the tank inmates and
have an adverse effect on the cleanliness quotient of your aquarium, clean it immediately when
you detect it building up! Begin by changing the tank water and step up to cleansing with
chemicals meant to clean algae build-up.

4. Since algae build-up is caused much in part due to the lighting in the tanks, opt for reducing
the brightness and heat in your fish aquarium to prevent frequent algae build-up and to have
minimum use of low light levels in it and to be on the safe side, keep the aquarium out of direct
sunlight since this can lead to algae build up also.
Of course, if you buy a family of fish that eat up algae you will have naturally used the best way
to reduce any build-up and also found a way to build up your fish collection in the aquarium – so,
do consider it! After all, you have nothing to lose but algae – and everything to gain, including a
beautiful and clean aquarium to give you hours of pleasure.

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